WACK=Water Adventure Camp for Kids

WACK is a camp that provides children with disabilities the opportunity to participate in adapted water skiing using specially equipped skis and outriggers to ensure a positive and rewarding ski experience.









Upcoming Training Opportunities in Lafayette:

Roadmap to Special Education:  Laws and Process
September 22, 2015

This training, combining the Article 7 and IEP training, is an all day training that offers basic information about special education laws and regulations for Indiana children ages 3-21. In addition, this training provides information on how to prepare for a case conference and write an IEP. This training is a great opportunity for family members and professionals who advocate for children with a disability or serious chronic illness.

A Life with Stress, Balance and a Plan
October 13, 2015
Parents of children with special needs live with added emotional, medical, social and financial challenges. These extenuating circumstances can often lead to feelings of loneliness, depression, marital and family problems and health issues. This training will focus on identifying types of stressors, identify coping mechanisms and providing ways to incorporate them into everyday life, and the importance of good communication.
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